-elements of sound design for an aborted ps2 game-
1 - ship's bow, exterior
  2 - staff corridor
  3 - something in the ballroom
  4 - creature ambience
  5 - the bowels of the ship
  6 - the engine room

set aboard a deserted ship populated with terrifying creatures from the deep, sadly this game for the playstation 2 was never made and the project abandoned.

my pitch for the project was to use a more unconventional approach to the sound design, at times utilising infrasound (hidden among the ambient environmental sounds) concentrating between 16 to 19hz; frequencies attributed with the power to produce a subconscious fear response in the listener.

an excerpt from the submitted unsong document:

"gameplay is further enhanced by subtle use of infrasound: frequencies pitched on the very cusp, and below, the human hearing threshold. sounds with a certain resonance have been known to illicit a variety of physiological and emotional reactions in the listener, including the inducement of anxiety and fear. in this way certain areas within the game can be made to 'feel' more frightening to the player without them knowing why, creating a sense of invisible and imminent threat, which may or may not materialise. Using both the 'overt' (environmental) and 'covert' (infrasound) sounds together, the depth of play and emotional immersion of the player within the environment becomes much more profound and convincing; not to mention terrifying."