unsong myspace page - unsurprisingly, the myspace page of unsong
macrophonies organisation - home label (listen to samples of unsong material)
andrew liles - fellow macrophonies artiste
rective - london based full-on noise club for the aurally adventurous
the hafler trio - surreal sound experimentalist's homepage
flux information sciences - great mangled plunder-pop/splicing madness
people like us - the hysterical and inventive queen of plunderphonics
bruce gilbert - former wire guitarist and latterday sound experimentalist
anti-theory workshop - reed ghazala's home of 'circuit bending' electronics
oxbow - superb exhibitionist experimental hardcore rock
bug bytes - reference library of digitized insect sounds
sound 323 - london experimental record shop
taos hum homepage - information on strange, unexplained sounds worldwide
glossary of audio terms - an a to z of audio jargon

moving pictures

david lynch - genius director of eraserhead, blue velvet, twin peakes, mulholland drive etc.

modern living - extraordinary interactive mind-bending animations

the skeptics annotated bible - comprehensive list of contradictions, absurdities etc. in the christian bible
disinfotainment - strange bits and bobs to buy: badges, toys, fluxus do-dads, books, t-shirts etc.
gray’s anatomy of the human body - 1,247 engravings from the classic 1918 publication
the museum of questionable medical devices - does exactly what it says on the tin
church of euthanasia homepage - "thou shalt not procreate"

a case of curiosities - fine art taxidermy and assemblage

gloomy and friends - the disturbing art of mori chack