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't r a g i c o m i c'


snow then. walked up to upper street and saw a woman slip and fall on chapel market. ho ho ho. a passing schoolgirl instinctively laughed out loud and then, realising that everyone had heard her (and no doubt feeling guilty), she half-heartedly asked the woman if she was all right. if no one had heard her laugh she would never have expressed an interest in the woman's well being. never. why are we so uncomfortable with our enjoyment of the misfortunes of others? i once saw a muslim woman, in full hijab (head scarf and veil), fall off of a bus. i also once saw a blind man walk into some scaffolding. two of the funniest things i've ever seen.

"tragedy is when i cut my finger. comedy is when you fall down an open manhole cover and die." -mel brooks

perhaps the funniest thing i ever saw was years ago when my good friend toby and i were sitting at a bus stop in our home town. a double-decker bus pulled up, not the bus we were waiting for, and the doors opened. this was the kind of double-decker where the exit doors are half way down the bus, directly opposite the inner stairs to the top deck. anyway, the doors opened and a number of people got off. then we saw an old man making his way ever so slowly down the stairs, one step at a time. and this man was old, he was so frail and wrinkled that just looking at him made you feel that perhaps he'd died years ago but no one had thought to tell him. finally he made it to the bottom step; by this time the bus had been at the bus stop for a long time. the old man seemed to realise this and it occurred to him that he only had so much time to alight before the bus drove off again. a certain panic flashed in his eyes and he made a break for the door. the doors closed just as he reached them, trapping his hat. the bus drove off. we literally fell over laughing. five or so minutes later we saw the same old man walking back from the next stop, again we collapsed into hysterics… perhaps you had to be there.

"fifteen percent of americans secretly bite their toenails." (does that mean that a larger percentage do it in public?)

the remixes of 'the frailty of angels, the treason of people' are proving to be more difficult than i had imagined. my computer seems to have mislaid several of the wav files necessary and so i've had to work around this by sampling directly from the tracks themselves. i'm nearly half done and hope to have them available within the next two or so months. technology sucks… either that or i suck at technology.

the idea is to remix and considerably extend each track to around the thirty minute mark, mutating the album version of each into something new, whether drastically different or subtly changed from the original. what i aim to end up with is a series of tracks that slowly evolve, sometimes 'organically', sometimes unexpectedly over the extended time frame, the sounds themselves stretched to breaking point.

last week we had a power cut on the second and third floors of our house. upstairs from where i wrote the above, all was darkness. why the first floor was ok, lard only knows. this house sometimes seems to have been built, decorated and wired by a bunch of drunken d.i.y. enthusiast chimpanzees. going to the toilet with a torch in your mouth? what is this, carry on bloody camping? anyhoo, following exhausting and a frankly incredible ineptitude on the part of the electric company, the problem resolved itself. let there be light.

and now my stereo's packed up! bastard!

recommended: (audio) 'new orleans blues' - cd - v/a / (comestible) chicken dansak, mmm / (visual) i suppose the snow was pretty but not as pretty as the trephines i got for christmas / (sensorial) a warm bed in a cold world

reviled: (audio) someone leaving the house before i'm awake and slamming the upstairs door / (comestible) bluebottles (this is on behalf of the cat who ate one and was duly sick… twice) / (visual) anything 'celebrity' based, whether on television or in print / (sensorial) the snow -anything both cold and wet can pretty much sod off

a strange, seemingly subterranean hum has made itself known outside my house. it reminded me of the mysterious taos hum: www.eskimo.com/%7ebillb/hum/hum.html current thinking in the house is that perhaps it's the sound of the huge digging machine, beavering away on the channel tunnel extension to kings cross. the thing is, it seems to be coming from a strange building across the road, which looks like it might be an electrical substation kinda thing. or perhaps this building, in conjunction with this site http://www.entrances2hell.co.uk/index.html may hold the real answer to the hum mystery… i must make time to record this sound… before it's too late…