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'l i k e f u c k i n g f l i e s'


"killing others gives people something to do. it keeps them out of mischief."

- from 'a nomadic life' by adam darius

is it me or are the constant reports of how dangerous and awful it is for our armed forces in iraq (particularly the black watch apparently) just plain bizarre? 'dead soldiers brother says bring the troops home' etc. what? fucking what?! now of course it's a fucking tragedy for the family of a dead soldier but what the bloody hell did they think the army was for? you don't join the army to fight only in wars that are popular, you join the army to do as you're fucking told. full stop. it's a popular misconception that a soldier's job is to defend his country. maybe this was true once but not anymore. a soldier's job is to defend his country's business interests.

a ringtone that increases breast size? (to listen, click on 'listen' at the bottom of the article -unsong.org bears no responsibility for breast growth, ensuing gender confusion and/or inevitable bra burstage) www.engadget.com/entry/7291965875463854

the fact that john peel is dead is perhaps one of the saddest, most unfair things i can think of. to say that he was the most important dj ever is to woefully underestimate him. the unprecendented honesty of the man, the almost ludicrously diverse array of music he played his listeners will never be repeated. and that such incredible output should also appear on routinely dull and predictable british radio not to mention that it should come from such a funny, unassuming man is pretty damn close to a modern fucking miracle. it makes me feel like such a silly cunt for not having listened to him in years. certain people you think will be there forverer. well they won't. the next time someone preaches religion at you in the name of a benevolent god, punch them in the face, hold them down and tattoo the name john peel on their fucking forehead. goodbye helen llewelyn product 19, you will be missed.

went to a noise gig at the red rose club, finsbury park. a very patchy evening -as ever; a friend over from america was playing (sickness) and at least he was good. every time i go to that place i wish i'd worn a t-shirt that reads 'your less than subtle flirtation with nazism is both juvenile and embarrassing'. maybe i'll have one printed up.

i am number 36, i am not a free man.

www.mingthemerciless.com - keep clicking and be afraid, be very afraid.

question: why are yoga mats traditionally blue? is there some spurious 'spiritual' reason for the colour? i think 'yoga mat' sounds like a vending machine for yogurt.

i've recently cut my hair short, as i do every so often when i get bored with it. every time i do i wish i'd run into someone i haven't seen for years, so they can comment on my hair and so i can say "yeah, well chemotherapy'll do that to you" just to see their face.

more spam strangeness: 'become a minister now'

"our church will ordain anyone who asks

as a reverend, you will be authorized to perform the rites and ceremonies of the church

perform weddings, funerals, perform baptisms, forgiveness of sins
visit correctional facilities

want to open a church? check out ministry in a box

press this link to order and learn more"

where do i sign?

an email from jon in japan: "just seen on the train "give racism the mouth!" on a pale blue t-shirt. what can it mean?" answers on a postcard...

"the researches had taken a female monkey who had recently given birth and put her in a special cage. the mother was still feeding and grooming her infant in a way presumably not too dissimilar from the maternal behaviour of the experimenters' wives. then they turned a switch and began heating up the metal floor of the monkey's cage. at first she jumped around in discomfort, then squealed a lot, then took to standing on alternate legs, all the while holding her infant in her arms. the floor was made hotter, the monkey's pain more evident. at a certain point the heat from the floor became unbearable, and she was faced with a choice, as the experimenters put it, between altruism and self-interest. she either had to suffer extreme pain and perhaps even death in order to protect her offspring, or else place her infant on the floor and stand on it to keep herself from harm. in every case, sooner or later self-interest had triumphed over altruism."

- from 'a history of the world in 10½ chapters' by julian barnes

wave forms in 3d via the world's biggest slinky (including video and audio files): www.firstpr.com.au/slinky

i've just heard that jhonn balance is dead. threshold house.com:

"we are greatly saddened to have to you that at about 5.30 pm saturday nov 13th, jhonn balance, was killed in an accident at home.
under the influence of alcohol he fell from the first floor landing, hitting his head on the floor some 15ft below.
peter/sleazy who was in the front room heard the noise, came out investigate and found him unconscious, though still breathing.
balance was rushed to hospital, where his condition deteriorated, and he died soon after, without ever regaining consciousness.
there is no suggestion that this event was in any way deliberate, in fact, anything other than a tragic accident.
unusually, balance had been cheerfull during the day, and was looking forward to seeing ian at the weekend, and working on new recordings this week...

what the hell is going on? and who's next?? to me coil were always the gold standard of 'experimental' music, always changing yet still somehow always distinctly coil. i always thought that it was coil that filled the space left by t.g. rather then psychic tv, who, to my mind, were always style over content. the pure breadth of coil's output is incredible. from 'horse rotorvator' to 'gold is the metal...', from 'scatology' to 'time machines', from 'how to destroy angels' to the recent 'coilans' box set, balance's work with coil has remained engrossing, bewlidering and steadfastly unpredictable. i'm getting tired of typing the words "he will be missed" and "we will not see his like again". clichés are clichés because they're true. jesus. a sad day.

ok, this is a message to all people i respect: kindly stop fucking dying, you're making the world a less interesting place to live in.

recommended: (audio) 'headphone musics, 1 to 6 / as is as' -cd- by z'ev / (comestible) starbar / (visual) footage of a panda sliding down a slide and then riding in a cart pulled by a german shepherd while playing a trumpet / (sensorial) a newly charged toothbrush

reviled: (audio) french rap / (comestible) toffee crunch rocky biscuit / (visual) pink lipstick / (sensorial) my nephew's feet

and finally, a farewell to tinnitus?:

"scientists 'find key to hearing'

a protein deep in the ear is a key factor for normal hearing and could be used to help develop treatments for deafness, u.s. researchers believe.
for decades scientists have been trying to figure out what translates sound into the nerve impulses which are interpreted by the brain.

now a harvard medical school team says it is down to a protein, trpa1, on the tips of hair cells of the inner ear.

their animal research findings are published in the journal 'nature'.

how we hear

scientists already know that in order to hear, sound waves travel along the passage of the ear until they hit the eardrum and cause it to vibrate.

this causes three tiny bones behind the ear drum, called the ossicles, to start moving.

they, in turn, pass on vibrations to a thin layer of tissue at the entrance of the inner ear called the oval window.

the movement of the oval window then sets off wave-like motions in the fluid in an organ shaped like a snail's shell which is called the cochlea.

the cochlea contains thousands of minute hair cells that are linked up to nerves, which transmit impulses to the brain to interpret the sound.

however, it was unclear exactly how these microscopic hair-like structures in the inner ear convert or "transduce" the sound waves into electrical signals to be transmitted to the brain.

experts had suspected that the process involved some sort of pore or channel that allows electrical charge to flow into the cells bearing the hairs.

now dr david corey and his Harvard colleagues believe a crucial component of this set-up is a protein called trpa1.

they studied mice and zebrafish to look at the role and location of trpa1.

they found it lived on the tips of the hair cells and that cells lacking it were no longer able to generate electrical signals in response to vibration.

by looking at mice embryos, they found its appearance during mouse development coincided with the hair cells' ability to sense vibrations.


dr corey said the findings would need to be confirmed by further studies. but he said trpa1 was the best candidate found so far.

"people have been looking for this protein for decades.

"[this is] the strongest evidence yet that this protein is the hair-cell transducer channel," he said.

he believes the protein forms pores that open and close in sync with sound waves, allowing messenger ions, like sodium and calcium, to flow into the cells and transform the vibrations into electrical signals.

this should help scientists investigate inherited forms of deafness, he said.

neurobiologist peter gillespie, who has conducted similar hearing research at the oregon health & science university, said: "this channel is the jewel everyone would like to find.

"identifying it is getting at the real kernel of how the inner ear works." "

- news.bbc.co.uk