19/11/70 -born .

jesus wants me for a sunbeam .

i get a gold star for my first literary epic .

my first memory of music is listening to rita coolidge with my parents: "close the window, calm the light and it will be all right…" not surprisingly, following this shaky start, it took sometime for my interest in music to blossom into the full blown obsession it is today. no offense rita.

sartorial abuse at the age of 4 .

like most children i experimented with tape recorders, scripting faux radio shows, telling jokes, conducting mock-interviews, wincing at the sound of my then squeaky voice.

my granddad bought me a great lp which included on one side the sounds of an episode of captain scarlet and on the other an episode of thunderbirds .

my 1982 contribution to the school magazine , it seems a wonder i wasn't sectioned.

the first 7" i bought was 'sweet dreams (are made of this)' by the eurythmics. i remember someone at school telling me the song was all about s&m .

my first 'serious' experiments with sound were produced many years later via 2 dod sampling delay pedals . these great little devices allow the user to sample sounds of a short duration, loop them ad nauseam, slow or speed them up, apply echo effects etc. using two such pedals linked together, the range of sounds i managed to create from various low-tech inputs fired my enthusiasm to go further.

music is sound and if you don't possess the ability to appreciate sound as an end in itself then i'm not sure i believe you can truly be a fan of any music. or perhaps i'm being a small minded pretentious tit , you decide.

While it's true to say that i have developed an ear for the sort of sounds i like and have acquired a reasonable facility to twist and process input to achieve some degree of satisfaction, let me state for the record that i am no musician .